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Formal Wear

Vintage Costumers has a lot of formal wear and we have outfitted a lot of people in formal wear. We do not, however, have contemporary styles.

What does this mean? Are we right for you? It depends on you and your event.

Are you a flamboyant young man or woman going to the prom? This may be your place.

Are you going to the museum's annual ball? This may be your chance to wear the most classic of formal wear: top hat and tails (at reasonable rates).

Are you going to the dinner theater or a fund raiser that is supposed to be fun? We have done many of those. Are you going to a very serious corporate black tie affair to meet the CEO for the first time? We would advise you against us.

Perhaps (to summarize) outfits from Vintage Costumers are much better suited to draw attention to yourself, rather than let you fade into the background.

Our Formal Wear Selection


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