Eowyn, Maiden of Rohan

Costume rental includes: Ivory velvet gown with bell sleeves, headpiece, belt, necklace, earrings, ring, shoes
Medium - 30"-32" waist, Short

Princess Leia

Costume rental includes: White hooded dress, belt with steel plates, wig
Fits Medium to Large
Up to a 38" waist

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Costume rental includes: Unisex gold & black top with rank pips and insignia pin, black ski pants, ankle boots
Fits Medium to Large
36" - 40" chest

Star Trek - Original Series - Uhura

Costume rental includes: Red mini dress with embroidered insignia, boots
28"-32" waist

Star Trek - Original Series - Science/Medical Officer

Costume rental includes: Blue mini dress with embroidered insignia, boots
30"-34" waist


Costume rental includes: Blue dirndl with embroidery, blouse, alpine cap, petticoat, apron, braids
Small - 26" waist

Raggedy Ann

Costume rental includes: Red gingham dress, white pinafore, white bloomers, wig, socks
Medium - 28"-30" waist &
Large - 34"-37" waist

Minnie Mouse

Costume rental includes: Red polka dot skirt with matching suspenders, black top, black tights, tail, cloth head or fuzzy mouse ears
Fits Small to Medium - 26"-29" waist
(see also Mickey Mouse)


Costume rental includes: Silver stretch sequined gown with 'tail', shell necklace, feather boa, turquoise wig, shoes
Medium - 29" waist

Little Red Riding Hood

Costume rental includes: Red velvet cape, red velvet front-lace vest, white peasant blouse, red print mini skirt, petticoat, shoes
Small - 25"-27" waist & Medium/Large - 32"-34" waist

Wizard of Oz - Dorothy

Costume rental includes: blouse, skirt, petticoat, wig, wicker basket, stuffed toy dog, ankle socks
Medium - 27"/28" waist

Alice in Wonderland

Costume rental includes: Blue dress, white pinafore, petticoat, headband
Fits Medium to Large - 28" to 36" waist

Alice in Wonderland

Costume rental includes: Short blue dress, white pinafore, petticoat, headband
Fits Small to Medium- 24" to 30" waist

Tonto - Female

Costume rental includes: pigskin tunic, headband, belt, gunbelt, gun, boots or moccasins
28"-33" waist
(See also Tonto - Male)

Tweedle Dum

Costume rental includes: Padded backless vest, knickers, shirt, suspenders, bow tie, beanie, socks
Fits Small to Medium/Large
Up to a 38" waist

Evil Fairy

Costume rental includes: Black bustier, black chiffon hankerchief hem skirt, black gloves, spider necklace, 'poison ivy' head wreath, faerie wings
Various bustier styles available in sizes
Small - 32"-34" bust &
Medium - 34"-36" bust
Skirt has a stretch waist